Private Singing Lessons / Vocal Coaching


Beginners and Professionals

30 minutes or 60 minutes

What to expect:

Students are welcomed to the bright and spacious Merimbula studio where we begin each lesson with both a guided body and vocal warm up, followed by some breathing techniques (Some Aural training is included).

Then students are asked to perform/sing a song they have prepared (A verse or chorus of a song they love)

This is an opportunity to work with Mandy on specific individualised needs as she listens, guides and imparts techniques where needed.

The student is given an opportunity to have a go with the new technique, ask questions and leave feeling empowered, excited and passionate about the possibilities for their vocal expression and singing.

Mandy also offers creative song-writing skill development, some speech development exercises, performance development and stagecraft techniques.

What to prepare:

  • Please wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • A notebook to write down the techniques you have learnt if you choose
  • Printed lyrics for prompting as you are learning the songs
  • CD, IPod or phone with current songs you are working on if needed.

Mandy prides herself on creating a fun and safe environment where every single student is taken under her wing and given the tools to fulfill their potential, feeling inspired to explore their voice, creativity and musicianship.

Her lessons leave students feeling more confident at expressing their voice on the stage and in their lives.

Mandy has been in the Performing Arts industry for 25 years and providing education for over 15 years.


Singing builds self-esteem and confidence!

One of the amazing benefits from weekly singing classes is that students develop an increased level of confidence, self- belief and many heal from past hurts, depression and other  illnesses. Many students find they improve academically too. Her specific singing techniques actually assist with clear thinking and a positive mental attitude, which then allows students to make different choices in all areas of their lives!

Developing your Inner Voice – Focusing on finding, expressing and exploring your inner voice allows your natural singing voice to be heard!

There are also opportunities to perform at concerts throughout the year for those who choose to!